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  • Why did Kriti Shetty burst into tears on TV?

    Pranks are the new troublesome trend in the entertainment industry. Some creators are going beyond the limits to execute their gimmicks. They must remember that not everyone will accept them in the way they intended.

    Kriti Shetty, an exceptionally attractive actress, is the latest victim of the prank video fad. Kriti had an interview on the channel recently. With two anchors alongside her, the interview got off to a great start. One of the anchors continued to ask a series of questions to Kriti, leaving no room for the other anchor to communicate with her. The outcast became enraged by his college’s unethical behavior and began arguing with him for not allowing him to speak with the celebrity. The dispute became heated, and Kriti was terrified. As the anchors continued to argue, the actress burst into tears. Both anchors were taken aback by Kriti’s collapse and advised her to calm down. They also stated that this is really a prank intended to amuse you. After a while, Kriti calmed down, and the production team apologized to her for their ruse.

    Kriti Shetty has admitted that she is afraid of arguments since she is very sensitive. I can’t even stand the actor’s yelling. On the internet, this video is causing quite a stir. Netizens are chastising the show’s creators and anchors for creating this petty prank on the show, which has hurt their favourite actress.

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