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  • Will Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ end the Oscar drought for Indian cinema?

    An Indian film hasn’t received an Academy Award nomination in 20 years. Aamir Khan’s “Lagaan” received an Oscar nomination last in 2001. Two Bollywood classics, “Mother India” and “Salaam Bombay,” garnered Oscar nominations before “Lagaan.” None of these films won the prize despite being nominated for best international picture. Being nominated for an Oscar at that time was a significant accomplishment for Indian filmmakers.

    In the past ten years, the Indian cinema business has seen a significant transformation. Audiences in both home and foreign markets have been awestruck by a new wave of South cinema. Language barriers have been broken down by movies like “Baahubali,” “KGF,” “Pushpa,” and “RRR,” which have also won praise from audiences around the world.

    With “RRR,” Rajamoul the pioneer of the pan-Indian movement in Indian film has created another work of art with “RRR.” This movie has become the most watched Indian movie among the American audience . “RRR” has received praise from a number of prominent media figures and directors from Hollywood. ‘RRR’ is one among the hot favourites to receive an Oscar nomination because of the appreciation it has received from people all around the world. Reputable print publications like Indiewire and Variety predict that “RRR” will almost certainly be nominated for Academy Awards. With “RRR,” we are expecting to put a stop to India’s Oscar drought.

    The producers of “Shyam Singha Roy” submitted entries for the nominations in three categories: best background score, best classical and cultural dance indie film, and best international feature film.

    “RRR” is anticipated to submit entries for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Background Score, and Best International Feature Film among other key categories.

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