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  • Women, WhatsApp can now serve as your menstrual tracker

    Apart from messaging, the social communications app WhatsApp provides a wide range of services. WhatsApp already offers its users eCommerce, tracking, shopping, banking, payments, and medical services. This tech titan’s most recent version now includes a menstrual cycle monitoring option. Sirona, an Indian feminine hygiene company, has released the first period tracker for WhatsApp. Customers can keep track of their periods by simply saying “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account at 9718866644.

    “We are utilizing technology to provide a better setting and community for menstruators through WhatsApp, which has become an essential part of our lives, we make use of the power of AI and user-friendly technology to provide ease of access to our users.” Deep Bajaj, Co-founder and CEO of Sirona Hygiene Pvt. Ltd said about their partnership with WhatsApp.

    The period tracking tool, Sirona, will be offering 3 services for women.

    • Monthly Period Tracking
    • Pregnancy updates
    • Birth Control details 

    Users will be required to enter their details about their menstrual cycle history, the chatbot will keep a record and share reminders and upcoming cycle dates as per the user’s goal.

    Steps to set up a menstrual tracker on WhatsApp.

    — Add 9718866644 to your contacts.

    — Then send “Hi” on WhatsApp

    — Sirona will provide a list of options

    — To track your monthly period dates enter “period tracker” in the chat box

    — You will then be asked to enter your period details

    — Sirona will give you a detailed note about your menstrual cycle. 

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