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  • “Yashoda” actress Kalpika Ganesh calls for legal action against Abhinav Gomatam.

    Actress Kalpika Ganesh, known for her supporting parts in several Telugu movies, has lately urged for legal action against Abhinav Gomatam, the star of the movie “Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi.”

    Several instances of online harassment of the actresses were publicly disclosed by Kalpika on social media. She recently said that she and Abhinav had known each other for some time. She further disclosed that Abhinav made a proposal to her and expressed interest in dating her, but she politely declined. Kalpika said, “I was astonished and offended when Abhinav reacted aggressively by insulting the accolade after I sent him a message about an award I had been chosen for.”

    On her Instagram stories, the actress shared a screenshot of their conversation. Additionally, she exposed several other men who were abusing  with extremely harsh language. To assist her, she tagged a number of female activists and a female politician, Kavitha, in her post.

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