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  • A Man doing Push-ups on the highway road. Don’t miss this Viral video

    Content creators regularly fill the internet with a variety of videos. The majority of the creators showcase their skills through their work, while others strive to draw attention with their strange and frightening gimmicks. For the past few days, one of these types of videos has gone viral on the internet. A man was spotted doing pushups in the middle of a busy traffic highway.

    This incident occurred in an unknown area. In the video, a man unexpectedly runs into the middle of the road, which is open to traffic. He starts doing push-ups out of nowhere. The most terrifying part was that many vehicles passed him by when he was bending down. He appears normal and continues to do push-ups. You may be surprised to witness this unique clip on the first viewing, but after two or three viewings, it may appear to be a fictional video. This has also been labelled as a hoax video by netizens.

    Take a look at this viral video.

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