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  • A 20-year-old resident of Jaipur received a staggering 38 lakh rupees from Instagram

    Neeraj Sharma, a 20-year-old student from Jaipur, has received Rs. 38 lakhs from social media behemoth Instagram as a gesture of appreciation. According to the IANS report, Neeraj Sharma found a bug in Instagram that allowed malevolent users to alter any user account’s thumbnail without logging in or knowing their password. One’s account can also get hacked as a result … Read more

    Viral Video: Drugs smuggled in wedding cards

    Airports aren’t always filled with happy faces and excitement; on the down side, drug trafficking is frequently detected and seized at airports. Drug smugglers use a variety of tactics to elude the police. However, we appreciate the fact that these drug dealers were apprehended by our skilled airport workers. A video about the drugs that the police confiscated recently went … Read more

    Viral video of a man in a Mercedes Benz picking up “Ration Rice” in Punjab

    A video of poor men picking up the subsidised food items (ration) in a Mercedes Benz car went viral on social media recently. The video didn’t go well with the netizens as they criticised the person for looting the government and people’s property despite being rich. This incident took place in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The video shows the man arriving at … Read more

    A Hyderabad artist’s sarcastic dig at Bangalore traffic has started a social media war between two cities. Check out the video

    A humorous comparison of Bangalore’s traffic to Hyderabad by Hyderabad-based singer and voice over artist Anuj Gurwara has gone viral on social media. In his hilarious video, Anuj took shots at those who are obsessed with the weather in Bangalore. In his one-minute video, the singer rants out hysterically that “Bangalore residents are so obsessed with the city’s weather since … Read more

    Try this Breakup letter with your girlfriend next time ?

    We frequently hear a lot of viral news on social media every day, some of which will make us grin. Recently, a letter written by a man named Sujan to his ex-girlfriend Supriya has caused quite a stir online. Sujan, who seems to be grown tired of her girlfriend’s sneaky antics, addressed the letter to the recipient. that because of … Read more

    Needle Attacks Shivering the European Nations. What’s the motive behind these mysterious attacks?

    The fear of needle attacks is spreading across Europe. Women, in particular, are terrified of going out into crowds. More than 300 people have been pricked with needles at nightclubs or concerts across France. Doctors and prosecutors are investigating, but no one knows who is responsible or why, or whether the patients were injected with drugs or any contagious viruses. … Read more

    Believe it or not: A Japanese Man Turns into a Dog by spending 2 Million Dollars

    By turning himself into a dog, a Japanese guy fulfilled his dream. He spent two million dollars on this process. After hearing this story, netizens all over the world are bewildered. Zeppt is a company that makes sculptures and crafts for movie sets and exhibitions, according to a prominent Japanese news agency. Zeppt has recently begun producing mascots. Toco eevee … Read more

    A plastic Bucket costs 25999 Rupees on Amazon. It’s Time to Sell one of my Kidneys, says a Twitter user.

    Netizens were shocked after seeing a plastic bucket priced at 25,999 rupees after a 28% discount. The original price of the bucket is mentioned as 35,900 rupees. This product initially caught the eye of a user named Vivek Raju. He made a tweet about daylight looting by Amazon. In his tweet, he wrote, “Just found this on Amazon and don’t … Read more