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  • Viral Video: Drugs smuggled in wedding cards

    Airports aren’t always filled with happy faces and excitement; on the down side, drug trafficking is frequently detected and seized at airports. Drug smugglers use a variety of tactics to elude the police. However, we appreciate the fact that these drug dealers were apprehended by our skilled airport workers.

    A video about the drugs that the police confiscated recently went popular on social media. B. Padmanaban, a Twitter user, posted the video. The officers are seen in the video extracting the narcotic packages from the wedding cards. The inner layers of these wedding cards contained drug particles. This stunned the authorities and the cops. Each wedding card included two narcotic parcels that the cops have recovered.

    This video serves as a reminder not to accept any packages in the airport from strangers or even from individuals we know. Because we could never know what’s inside, you could end up in serious trouble.

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