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  • Without leaving his room, a man bicycled the entire UK (10000 miles), how?

    Ever have a fantasy of cycling an extremely far distance but couldn’t make it happen? To put it another way, John O’Groats imagined seeing the length and breadth of the UK without ever leaving his room, and guess what happened?  How did he realize this dream of his?

    Aaron Puzey, a citizen of the UK, made this accomplishment.

    To get to John O’Groats, Aaron Puzey, a resident of the south of the United Kingdom, rode his bicycle for about 10,000 miles. What’s intriguing is that he completed this assignment while remaining in his room. The “CycleVR” idea, which Aaron Puzey characterizes as a stationary bike with virtual reality support, was used. He utilized “Google Street View” VR technology to make this kit. The modified bike’s speed and distance are recorded, sent to VR, and the virtual reality experience uses the streets and roads from Google Street View to simulate actual cycling. From Land’s End to John O’Groats, Puzey pedaled a bicycle nearly 10,000 miles (the length of the UK). He rode his bike for eight months to accomplish his goal.

    Aaron Puzey stated in a media interview that he is making this customized bike kit which will be available to others soon.

    Internet reacts to this odd concept

    This peculiar story has gone popular online. However, opinions on Aaron Puzey’s VR exploring concept vary from person to person. Some members of the public asserted that extended usage of the VR headgear might seriously harm one’s eyes, and they added that in order to properly appreciate the wonder and magic of nature, one should explore it using more conventional means. They claim that using this VR technology for exploration is not actually exploration. Some contend that this is actually a practical solution for individuals who lack the time or the means to travel yet cannot afford the related costs. They also mention how this will be a fantastic way to get addicted to cycling so that we can keep up with our physical activity.

    What is your opinion on this?

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