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  • A Hyderabad artist’s sarcastic dig at Bangalore traffic has started a social media war between two cities. Check out the video

    A humorous comparison of Bangalore’s traffic to Hyderabad by Hyderabad-based singer and voice over artist Anuj Gurwara has gone viral on social media.

    In his hilarious video, Anuj took shots at those who are obsessed with the weather in Bangalore. In his one-minute video, the singer rants out hysterically that “Bangalore residents are so obsessed with the city’s weather since it is impossible to leave the city due to the traffic. Since they were confined to one location, all they could do was gaze above and compliment the weather of their city.”

    Anuj Gurwara further stated, “Unlike Bangalore, we have big roadways here in Hyderabad. Hyderabad’s traffic is made to move smoothly via a variety of flyovers, the Ring Road, and metro lines.”

    His amusing parallels have spread like wildfire. Both residents of Bangalore and Hyderabad widely shared his video. Memes and humorous satires are being posted all over Anuj Gurwar’s video by Twitter users. As his video went viral Anuj Gurwara also made it clear that it’s all just for fun and he didn’t tend to offend anyone.

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