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  • Global Open Source Software Company Moodle Expands to India with New Hyderabad Office

    06 March 2023, Hyderabad Hyderabad has yet another reason to celebrate as Moodle, the global Open Source Company headquartered in Australia, announced the establishment of its Indian operations in the city. The announcement was disclosed on March 6th at the Marigold Hotel, where Moodle’s team, including their CEO Martin Dougiamas and Moodle India CEO Mr. Sushil Karampuri, formally announced the … Read more

    How I can become like Adani, whose wealth skyrocketed 14 times in 2 years? Ask ChatGPT to answer this and a few other funny and interesting questions.

    For those who don’t care to check the date, it is 2023, and chatGPT has been the most searched-for topic online for the past three months. Wow, it’s really powerful, and we believe that in a few years, it will be applied in a variety of applications. We believe that in the future, it will definitely displace some jobs as … Read more

    Dandiya Events & Parties 2022 in Hyderabad

    The Navarathri celebrations spread over the entire country. The most extensively observed celebration in India is the nine-day puja festival. Despite the fact that it is observed in various ways across the nation, Dandiya is a recurring theme in all of these events. Every Indian celebrates this auspicious occasion by playing the dandiya with their loved ones, no matter where … Read more

    A Hyderabad artist’s sarcastic dig at Bangalore traffic has started a social media war between two cities. Check out the video

    A humorous comparison of Bangalore’s traffic to Hyderabad by Hyderabad-based singer and voice over artist Anuj Gurwara has gone viral on social media. In his hilarious video, Anuj took shots at those who are obsessed with the weather in Bangalore. In his one-minute video, the singer rants out hysterically that “Bangalore residents are so obsessed with the city’s weather since … Read more

    Salman Khan, Venkatesh, Pooja Hegde in Ram Charan’s home

    The photo of Bollywood Bhai Salman Khan, Victory Venkatesh, and Pooja Hegde visiting Ram Charan’s home is circulating on social media. Fans will be overjoyed to see this star-studded picture. According to reports, Ramcharan and his wife Upasana, along with Victory Venkatesh and Pooja Hegde, invited Salman Khan to lunch. Ram Charan’s Cameo in ‘Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali’ confirmed? Salman … Read more

    Best Photographers for Half Saree Functions

    Without a skilled photographer, no matter how lavish your ceremony is, it will be lifeless. Photographers are the superheroes who bring your event to life. Choosing the finest photographer can be tricky, but we can assist you. We did all of the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best photographers in Hyderabad. Check them out. Concept Photography … Read more

    Want To Start A Career In Drone Flying? Here Are The 5 Best Schools in Hyderabad For You

    As the drone industry continues to grow, more and more schools are popping up to provide training and certification for potential pilots. This article shares a list of the most popular drone piloting schools in Hyderabad, with information about the accreditation they offer, their programs and pricing etc and more. What is Drone Flying? Drone flying is a relatively new … Read more