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  • Needle Attacks Shivering the European Nations. What’s the motive behind these mysterious attacks?

    The fear of needle attacks is spreading across Europe. Women, in particular, are terrified of going out into crowds. More than 300 people have been pricked with needles at nightclubs or concerts across France. Doctors and prosecutors are investigating, but no one knows who is responsible or why, or whether the patients were injected with drugs or any contagious viruses.

    The local government, Cops and the event organizers are relentlessly working to spread the awareness of these attacks. Even the celebrities are doing what they can to raise awareness. The issue is not just limited to France but it also spread across the UK, Belgium and Netherlands. The investigation departments of these countries are also studying the cases. 

    People have reported being pricked with a needle without their knowledge or consent in Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes, and other cities around France. The targeted individuals, who are predominantly women, have visible injection marks, such as bruises, and report symptoms such as grogginess.

    Party places are the hotspots for the attackers

    According to France’s national police organization, 302 persons have reported needle pricks, mostly the cases coming from clubs and parties, the attackers are mainly targeting the crowded and dark places. Women are the main targets of the attackers, almost 70 percent of the victims are women as per the France police report.

    No clue was found

    Several police investigations are underway in various parts of the country.  All kinds of infection tests were conducted on the victims including HIV and hepatitis. Surprisingly nothing unusual was found in Urine and Blood tests. Till now no suspects have been arrested, no needle has been recovered, and the purpose remains unclear and left the public and the investigation perplexed.

    Symptoms experienced by the victims

    • Feeling Dizzy
    • Serious Headache
    • grogginess 
    • Rashes on skin
    • Body pains
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