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  • Viral Story: Girl marries to a guy but says no to children because of his height

    We hear a lot of crazy things these days about marriage and love. Nowadays, it seems like there are too many factors involved in falling in love with someone and getting married. Similar to how a man revealed his unexpected tale to his online buddies on the forum Reddit.

    Going into the details, the pair had been dating for some time. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall, compared to him at 5 feet 4 inches. She was never happy with his height, but because other things went well, they continued dating despite her dissatisfaction. He chose to marry her since he was so fixated on her. He spoke candidly to her, explaining his ideas about marrying her and addressing his height aspect, in an effort to eliminate his inferiority complex about his height.

    She stated in response to his marriage proposal, “I honestly don’t care about your social standing or financial standing. However, it is clear that I am concerned about your height. But allow me to be clear. Although I am ready to wed you, I don’t really want to have children with you since I don’t want them to be as tall as you are. I wish to have children through artificial sperm donation, if you don’t mind.”

    This statement has left him in shock. However, he asked her to adopt some child rather than going for an artificial pregnancy. But, she gave mixed reactions to his opinion.

    The online community expressed their shock at his unexpected announcement in great detail. “Seeing her hate your jeans, don’t you understand,” a netizen bluntly said. She doesn’t care for you. “If you treat her the same way, you will be a loser,” said a different commenter. “Be careful, dude. This relationship seems sketchy.” Many others said that it would be best to remove her.

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