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  • A plastic Bucket costs 25999 Rupees on Amazon. It’s Time to Sell one of my Kidneys, says a Twitter user.

    Netizens were shocked after seeing a plastic bucket priced at 25,999 rupees after a 28% discount. The original price of the bucket is mentioned as 35,900 rupees. This product initially caught the eye of a user named Vivek Raju. He made a tweet about daylight looting by Amazon.

    In his tweet, he wrote, “Just found this on Amazon and don’t know what to do.” Raju’s tweet went instantly viral on social media. His tweets have received numerous replies with hysterical one-liners attached to them.

    One of them set the bar very high with a satirical reply, “Time to give my kidney for this”.

    This news has reached Amazon after several retweets and likes. The company finally responded to one of the users’ tweets by saying, “Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We’ll be sure to pass on your feedback to our relevant team internally for review. Kindly stay tuned to our website for further updates.”

    Regardless of everything, people had fun for a while with these tweet wars.

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