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  • A virtual war between Samantha and Akkineni Chaitanya fans on the Internet

    A virtual war is raging between Akkineni Chaitanya fans and possibly Samantha or Samantha fans. It all started when various media outlets reported Chaitanya Akinnei is dating Sobhita Dhulipala, which was widely reported yesterday by major news outlets. See A New Girl in Naga Chaitanya’s Life?.

    Some Chaitanya fans started trolling this news, claiming it was the work of the Samanta PR team, which is bizarre. ‘Rumours on Boy- Planted by Girl,’ Samanta retorted angrily, whereas ‘Rumours on Girl- Must be true!!’ She also advised fans to put an end to this because both parties had clearly moved on and to return to their work and family. We hope everything settles down smoothly, and as Samanta stated, both parties have moved on, so we believe we should leave it to them.

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