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  • Samantha’s “Yashoda” teaser will be out on September 9

    The much-anticipated sci-fi thriller “Yashoda,” starring Samantha, has finally received an update from its makers. It was announced that the teaser for this movie would be released on September 9 at 5:49 PM. Samantha’s fans were arguably thrilled by this unexpected update. Due to this surprising announcement, Hastag Samantha and Hastang Yashoda are currently trending on Twitter. “Yashoda” was initially … Read more

    Samantha signed another intriguing project with ‘The Family Man’ makers

    Samantha, a leading lady in Tollywood, is quite busy and has a many ventures under her credit. She entered Bollywood after establishing herself in the South Indian film business with the online series “The Family Man-2.” The Hindi audience applauded it. She has also established herself as a divisive actress by acting glamorously and putting her own spin on villainy. … Read more

    “Koffee With Karan” moves to the top of the streaming charts with Samantha’s episode

    Possibly the most well-known chat show in the modern era of entertainment is “Koffee With Karan”. Along with its success, the programme garnered media attention for a number of film industry issues. The heart and soul of this chat show is Karan Johar, who is renowned for his excellent hosting and marketing abilities. His enduring approach elicits the most unexpected … Read more

    Is Samantha referenced in the dialogue from “Thank You” by Naga Chaitanya?

    The trailer for Naga Chaitanya’s much awaited film ‘Thank You’ has been officially unveiled by the makers. The first glimpse looks really promising and refreshing. The emotional rollercoaster drama is set for a July 22 release. The heart-touching dialogues of Naga Chaitanya make us stuck for a moment. However, one dialogue from the trailer closely resembles Chaitanya’s life, i.e., “Oka … Read more

    Wow, Allu Arjun is Searched More In Asia Than Jackie Chan and Akshay Kumar.

    Allu Arjun is a fantastic actor whose star has risen dramatically since the release of ‘Pushpa.’ Data on the top people searched in Asia on Google was recently released, and Allu Arjun ranks 19th, far ahead of Jackie Chan (24th) and Akshay Kumar (25th) (25th). Surprisingly, Samantha Prabhu beats him at rank #18; this could be due to the divorce … Read more

    On Koffee with Karan 7, did Samanta discuss divorce with Akkineni Chaitanya?

    Karan Johar, as previously reported, hosted Samantha Prabu on his new brand Koffee with Karan 7, and her episode was recently shot. According to some reports, Samantha confided in Karan about her divorce from Naga Chaitanya during their conversation. With Karan Johar and Disney Hotstar in charge, we suspect this is a marketing ploy to get more people to watch … Read more

    A virtual war between Samantha and Akkineni Chaitanya fans on the Internet

    A virtual war is raging between Akkineni Chaitanya fans and possibly Samantha or Samantha fans. It all started when various media outlets reported Chaitanya Akinnei is dating Sobhita Dhulipala, which was widely reported yesterday by major news outlets. See A New Girl in Naga Chaitanya’s Life?. Some Chaitanya fans started trolling this news, claiming it was the work of the … Read more