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  • Is Samantha referenced in the dialogue from “Thank You” by Naga Chaitanya?

    The trailer for Naga Chaitanya’s much awaited film ‘Thank You’ has been officially unveiled by the makers. The first glimpse looks really promising and refreshing. The emotional rollercoaster drama is set for a July 22 release.

    The heart-touching dialogues of Naga Chaitanya make us stuck for a moment. However, one dialogue from the trailer closely resembles Chaitanya’s life, i.e.,

    “Oka manishini Pattukoni Vrelade Prema kante Swetchaga vadilese prema Goppadi”

    That translates

    “A love that makes you feel free is better than a love that restricts you in the relationship.” 

    For those who don’t know, Samantha and Naga Chaitanya were once the most beautiful and powerful South Indian couples. Their romance began on the set of their film ‘Yem Maya chesave’ (2010). Since then, the couple have been madly in love and got married in 2017. This couple, however, announced their divorce in 2021, breaking the hearts of their fans.

    Following their divorce, many rumours concerning the causes of their separation began to circulate. However, none of the parties discussed the actual matter in detail. They both had disparities because of their personal and professional lives, though, and that much is obvious. They could have believed that their marriage is preventing them from achieving their aspirations. Their breakup might have also been influenced by their insecurities.

    “A love that makes you feel free is better than a love that restricts you in the relationship.” 

    The above mentioned dialogue from the ‘Thank You’ movie trailer clearly depicts their personal lives.

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