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  • Wow, Allu Arjun is Searched More In Asia Than Jackie Chan and Akshay Kumar.

    Allu Arjun is a fantastic actor whose star has risen dramatically since the release of ‘Pushpa.’ Data on the top people searched in Asia on Google was recently released, and Allu Arjun ranks 19th, far ahead of Jackie Chan (24th) and Akshay Kumar (25th) (25th). Surprisingly, Samantha Prabhu beats him at rank #18; this could be due to the divorce that brought her to public attention. The list was topped by BTS V.

    Other Telugu Film Personalities

    • #20 Rashmika Mandana
    • #32 MS Dhoni
    • #33 Nayanatara
    • #37 Tamannah
    • #47 Mahesh Babu
    • #53 Ram Charan
    • #58 Jr NTR
    • #62 Keerthy Suresh
    • #68 Prabhas

    Why Allu Arjun?

    What makes Allu Arjun so popular in India? It could be because he’s an incredible dancer or an incredible actor. But we believe it has something to do with how he carries himself. He exudes a certain charm and charisma that is difficult to resist. And we believe that is why people are drawn to him, and perhaps people began to notice this after the huge success of ‘Pushpa.’ If you’re unfamiliar with Allu Arjun, we highly recommend his work in ‘Pushpa.’ His hunger for acting and talent will undoubtedly entertain you.

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