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  • Allu Arjun declined a 10 crore offer. Check out why?

    The pan-India icon star Allu Arjun is the nation’s No. 1 choice for brand endorsements. The actor has been quite busy over the last few weeks with numerous ad shoots. According to reports, the firms are paying this celebrity actor a staggering seven to ten crores every day. Additionally, it was revealed that Allu Arjun turned down a 10 crore offer from a tobacco company. As he vowed not to participate in any brand advertisements for alcohol or tobacco since he doesn’t want to deceive his fans. Allu Arjun: The king of brand endorsements

    On the other hand, Bollywood celebrities like Sharukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, and Akshay Kumar have no qualms about endorsing tobacco companies. In fact, viewers have criticised these Bollywood actors for endorsing these companies. The same crowd praised Allu Arjun for being a good citizen in contrast to his Bollywood contemporaries.

    Allu Arjun recently shared a photo of his late grandfather, Allu Rama Lingaiah, on social media with the comment “Our Foundation.” Mega fans began a Twitter fan war against Allu Arjun after noticing something odd in his caption.

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