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  • ‘Alluri’ Movie Review : Can Sree Vishnu Score a Commercial Hit?

    Talented actor Sree Vishnu got circle acclaim for his movies but he never tasted a big commercial success in his career. His previous movie ‘Bhala Thandanana’ was a box office flop.

    With his cop-action movie’s today-only theatrical release, the talented actor will put his future to the test. Allu Arjun attended the movie’s pre-release ceremony. He undoubtedly gave this movie some energy. Let’s see if Sree Vishnu scores a hit with this film.


    Sri Rama Raju (Sree Vishnu) is a dedicated policeman. He faces numerous obstacles in his daily life, but he still works extremely honestly. His integrity earns him violent conflicts with the mafia and goons. Throughout his police career, Rama Raju has been transferred numerous times for various reasons. At one point in his career, he gets into a conflict with a cunning politician that only makes his personal and professional lives worse. Where does his conflict with the politician end? How did Rama Raju retaliate? On this backdrop, the rest of the narrative is built.


    Sree Vishnu did a good job portraying a tough police officer. He maintained a furious, fit appearance throughout the movie. We can see the actor’s labour of love on film. The heroine of this movie, Kayadu Lohar, performed to the best of her ability. Suman, Prithviraj, and Tanikella Bharani did the best they could.

    Technical Aspects.

    The screenplay in police thriller movies should be effective. That is what this movie is missing. Pradeep Varma, the director, was unable to tell a compelling tale. The dialogue doesn’t seem appropriate. Music and Background Music were let down by the director. Cinematography and production values are subpar.


    Sree Vishnu’s acting




    A routine story

    Rating: 2.5/5

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