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  • Shocking News: Actor Sree Vishnu gets betrayed by his producer

    The recently released movie “Alluri,” starring the talented actor Sree Vishnu, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Sree Vishnu put a lot of effort into this movie and ran aggressive marketing campaigns to get it in the sights of audiences, however the movie fell flat. The morning shows were not able to air “Alluri” on September 23 as planned … Read more

    ‘Alluri’ Movie Review : Can Sree Vishnu Score a Commercial Hit?

    Talented actor Sree Vishnu got circle acclaim for his movies but he never tasted a big commercial success in his career. His previous movie ‘Bhala Thandanana’ was a box office flop. With his cop-action movie’s today-only theatrical release, the talented actor will put his future to the test. Allu Arjun attended the movie’s pre-release ceremony. He undoubtedly gave this movie … Read more

    September 23, Telugu Movie and OTT releases

    Tollywood will try to bounce back this week after a poor past week. Along with several other low-budget pictures, three well-known movies will open in theaters this week. Additionally, this week will see the debut of a tonne of crazy OTT releases. Paga Paga Paga – 22 September ‘Paga Paga Paga’ is a crime thriller that features Abhilash Sunkara, Koti … Read more

    Sree Vishnu’s “Alluri” to roar in theaters from September 23

    Sree Vishnu, a rising hero in Tollywood, is in the best stage of his acting career, enjoying back-to-back successes and having a few intriguing projects lined up. Recently, the first look from the talented actor’s upcoming movie “Alluri” was made public. In this movie, Sree Vishnu plays a tough police officer. This movie’s filming is finished, and post-production is presently … Read more