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  • Shocking News: Actor Sree Vishnu gets betrayed by his producer

    The recently released movie “Alluri,” starring the talented actor Sree Vishnu, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Sree Vishnu put a lot of effort into this movie and ran aggressive marketing campaigns to get it in the sights of audiences, however the movie fell flat.

    The morning shows were not able to air “Alluri” on September 23 as planned since the producer was unable to clear the finances. Sree Vishnu himself provided the funding for the film’s distribution and saw to it that it was screened from afternoon shows.

    Despite Sree Vishnu spending his own money to get his film released, the audience reacted unfavourably to the movie. The flick failed to get any decent openings. This led the producer of “Alluri” to withhold Sree Vishnu’s remuneration. According to reports, the producer informed Sree Vishnu that the film’s poor performance made it impossible for him to pay his salary 

    As per Sree Vishnu’s close associates, the actor is now regretting collaborating with the “Alluri ” producer. It’s been said that Sree Vishnu also made up his mind not to take any risk by working with small producers.

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