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  • Boxoffice : ‘Brahmastra’ grossed 20 crores in Telugu and 250 crores worldwide in 3 days

    At the Indian box office, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s latest flick, “Brahmastra,” has emerged as the winner. The film is performing exceptionally well all over India and overseas. The Sunday box office figures of ‘Brahmastra’ just skyrocketed in the Hindi and Telugu belts. 

    “Brahmastra” made 45 crores on Sunday in India. Additionally, the film had an earth-shattering 4.5 million on Sunday in the overseas markets. 

    Take a look at the day-wise collections and total gross.


    Day 136.50 cr 
    Day 241.50 cr
    Day 345 cr 
    Total123 cr nett 


    Day 13.4 million 
    Day 23.8 million
    Day 34.5 million
    Total11.7 million $

    Worldwide Gross

    Day 175 cr 
    Day 285 cr
    Day 390 cr
    Total250 cr

    “Brahmastra” is performing exceptionally well in the Telugu and Tamil markets. In Telugu, the film grossed 20 crores in three days.This is a record feat for a Bollywood film in the Telugu-speaking region. In Tamil Nadu, “Brahmastra” grossed a 5.30 crore figure in 3 days, making it the highest ever for a Bollywood film in Tamil Nadu.

    The opening weekend has been exceptional for “Brahmastra”. However, the real test starts now. The film needs to hold good even on weekdays to enter safely into the profits. The next few days and the coming weekend are going to be crucial for “Brahmastra.” Let’s see how it does.

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