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  • ‘Brahmastra’ movie Review : Does this film justify its 400 crore budget?


    The central theme of the story is the three-part, three-person preservation of the divine force of Brahmastra. Anish (Nagarjuna) owns one piece, while Mohan Bhargav (Shah Rukh Khan), a scientist, owns the other. The demon Mouni Roy seeks control of Brahmastra by uniting the three pieces. DJ Shiva  (Ranbir Kapoor) who leads a chill life in the contemporary world somehow  discovers that he is a super human in the parallel universe. How did DJ Shiva learn who he was? Who assisted him in this endeavour? Whom does the third part of the Brahmastra exist with? What do Mohan Bhargav, Anish, and DJ Shiva have in common? What ties does he have to Brahmastra? Will the hostile forces conquer Brahmastra? What will the “Brahmastra: Part-2” plot entail? The answer to all these questions is in this movie.


    With their outstanding acting, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have made their parts justifiable. Their chemistry has a unique atmosphere, and their love story worked incredibly well. The lack of strong character development is visible on the screen, though. Both Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy performed admirably. The audience will undoubtedly get shivers watching Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan in their respective roles. Overall, the actors gave their best performances in this movie, but director Ayan Mukerji didn’t provide the lead actors adequate character development.

    Technical Aspects:

    Both the Indian and foreign audiences are familiar with the Brahmastra narrative. It has some spectacular VFX and is quite similar to a God vs. Evil film. Ayan Mukerji, the director, made an effort to write a new screenplay, and he  mostly succeeded.

    The visual effects in this movie are outstanding. Film aficionados would be delighted to see such images on the big screen. Do watch this in 3D to experience the  visual feast. The songs and music are excellent, mixing mythology and romance. High-quality visuals in the cinematography will keep you fascinated. The makers should have given editing and runtime top priority. The “Brahmastra” production values show how much money was spent on creating these striking visuals.


    Lead cast and their performance

    Shah Rukh Khan’s Cameo




    Predictable Plot



    We might wonder why filmmaker Ayan Mukerji spent ten years making Brahmastra after watching it.There is nothing new in the movie other than VFX. We’ve seen a lot of movies with similar plot in the past. Indian audiences were exposed to numerous Hollywood films with similar plots. Then, how did the director manage to spend 400 crores and 10 years in making this movie? Making a movie by putting  lot of money does not ensure its success, what matters is how much you invest in the plot.

    Let’s see how this movie fares with the audience.

    Rating : 2.5/5.0

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