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  • RGV’s Battle Against Nepotism: Do you want to get into the film Industry? 

    Renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has become synonymous with controversies, constantly surprising his audience with his unconventional posts and decisions. Recently, RGV made headlines with his provocative comments on nepotism and awards, offering a unique open call to aspiring actors under the tag ‘Your Film’. He remarked that whether a film becomes a hit or a flop is in … Read more

    Upcoming Telugu Movie Sequels: A New Trend in Tollywood!

    The anticipation for upcoming sequels in Tollywood is skyrocketing! It has become common in all industries to create sequels for successful movies, and Tollywood is no exception. In the past, sequels were few, but now the trend is gaining traction. Even our beloved heroes are eager to bring back their super-hit movies for a second installment. Talented directors are busy … Read more