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  • RGV’s Battle Against Nepotism: Do you want to get into the film Industry? 

    Renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has become synonymous with controversies, constantly surprising his audience with his unconventional posts and decisions. Recently, RGV made headlines with his provocative comments on nepotism and awards, offering a unique open call to aspiring actors under the tag ‘Your Film’. He remarked that whether a film becomes a hit or a flop is in the hands of the audience, raising the question, why can’t the audience make a film themselves?

    RGV pointed out that every year, more than 150 films are released, and about 90% of them fail. He suggested that the chosen stories, cast, and creative aspects don’t resonate with the audience. According to him, this proves that 90% of producers in the industry don’t know what the audience wants.

    To support the audience with a flair for cinema, RGV announced on social media that he’s ready to back them up. He called for a joint effort to eliminate fake awards and nepotism prevalent in the industry, aiming to create stars out of ordinary people rather than industry scions. He dismissed the necessity of film institutions for learning about cinema, criticizing them for wasting time and money, and encouraged fans to join hands.

    For the first time in the history of cinema, RGV announced the initiation of the RGV Den project, where only the ticket-buying audience will decide on the movie’s aspects. They will choose the lead actors, directors, cinematographers, music directors, lyricists, and dialogue writers, while the director will select the rest of the technical crew from industry experts.

    RGV invited enthusiasts to learn what real filmmaking is all about by getting hands-on experience. He welcomed everyone with talent and interest to join RGV Den, urging those interested to visit Rgvden.com for more details as suggested by the director Ram Gopal Varma.

    How to Apply for Aspiring Talents? Ram Gopal Varma details the finalization process of actors from the applications received on his website. Those interested in acting need to submit the following details:

    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Height (in feet)
    4. Skin Tone
    5. Eye Color
    6. A single bust size photo
    7. A single full-figure photo

    The Process of Selecting Heroes and Heroines

    Interested candidates must submit the above details within 15 days. From these applications, the team at RGV Den will shortlist 30 individuals based on their looks. These 30 selected individuals’ details will be shared on RGV’s website, where a public poll will be conducted to choose who to cast. The top 15 candidates with the most votes will then be shortlisted. These individuals will be given a dialogue to perform in a 30-second audition video requested by the RGV Den team. The videos will be posted on the website for another round of public voting. The top seven male and female candidates with the most votes will be selected. They will face various acting-related challenges to bring out the best in them, and those who excel will be re-entered into the poll. The top-ranked individuals will be announced as the chosen ones and will be cast as heroes and heroines in an upcoming movie by RGVDEN.

    For Other Categories…

    Similarly, directors, writers, music composers, cinematographers, and lyricists will be selected for their respective fields. For more details, click on the link below.

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