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  • Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’ holds well on Day two. The flick earned 69 crore in just two days

    Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Godfather” was released to positive reviews on October 5. The film earned a 19 crore gross on its first day in Telugu states. On the first day, it grossed 38 crores worldwide. 

    The film performed extremely well on day two. On its second day, “Godfather” earned approximately Rs. 8 crore, dropping just 30% from its first day. The global gross on the second day is reported to be 31 crore. 

    The positive word of mouth and not enough competition from the other releases have helped “Godfather” in a massive way. The film should maintain this momentum throughout this weekend to earn a hit status.

    Godfather Box office collections

    Day 112.97 Cr
    Day 27.73 Cr
    A.P + TG ( Total)20.70 Cr (34.75 Cr gross)

    Worldwide Gross

    Day 138 Cr
    Day 231 Cr
    Total worldwide gross69 Cr
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