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  • Did Ravi Teja reportedly quit from Megastar Chiranjeevi’s #Mega154 ?

    Since the project’s announcement, #Mega154, a partnership between megastar Chiranjeevi and director Bobby, has garnered media attention. The filmmaker, Bobby, wanted this film to be a smash hit with the audience. Additionally, there were rumors that Ravi Teja would play a prominent part in “Mega154,” and later, we learned that Ravi Teja had quit the project. Bobby flatly refuted claims that Ravi Teja abandoned this project last month as a result of financial issues and insisted that Ravi Teja will still work on it.

    This week, we heard the same rumor once more. In order to reduce the expense of the movie, Ravi Teja has been removed, and director Bobby is already hunting for Teja’s replacement. Despite extensive rumors, the film production team has not released any official statements.

    On the other side, Ravi Teja has a lot of commitments, including “Rama Rao on Duty,” “Ravanasura,” “Dhamaka,” and “Tiger Nageswara Rao.” On July 29, his movie “Rama Rao on Duty” will be released.

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