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  • Sankranthi 2023 : The biggest clash in Tollywood is on the cards.

    Sankranthi season is expected to be huge for Tollywood in 2023. The greatest conflicts in Telugu movies are anticipated during the approaching holiday season. At the box office, stars like Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Prabhas, Tamil actor Vijay, and Akhil Akkineni will fight for supremacy. Prabhas’ “Adipurush” is the most popular Sankranthi release all throughout India. The movie debuts on January 12. … Read more

    ‘Mega 154′ teaser will be out on Diwali

    ‘Mega 154’ director Bobby has recently confirmed that his flick will be released during the Sankranthi season. This official confirmation from director Bobby has overwhelmed Chiranjeevi’s fans. Megastar fans are waiting for the teaser release as the release date has been confirmed. As per YouSay’s insider sources, it’s been reported that the first look teaser along with the movie release … Read more

    Poor Promotions of ‘Godfather’ and decline in Chiranjeevi’s market worrying megastar fans

    Megastar Chiranjeevi is all set to hit the screens with his new film “Godfather” on October 5th. Unfortunately, there is no buzz about the movie. The producers aren’t even trying to market their movie in a noteworthy way. Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is playing a cameo role in this film. Despite the high-profile actors in this project, it is still … Read more

    Mega154″  lengthy schedule began today in Hyderabad. Ravi Teja and Chiranjeevi have joined the sets

    One of the most anticipated movies in Tollywood is “Mega154,” the joint effort of Chiranjeevi and filmmaker Bobby. The upcoming movie’s producers have provided an update on the filming process. According to a recent update, the filming for this movie has begun today in a studio in Hyderabad with all of the key actors, including Chiranjeevi, Shruthi Hassan, and Ravi … Read more

    Is Chiranjeevi teasing Vijay Devarakonda with his references to his “great rise” &  and “amazing downfall”?

    Last night at the “First Day First Show” pre-release event, megastar Chiranjeevi was in attendance as the chief guest and delivered a motivating speech to boost the new talent of this film. Chiru spoke out on a number of issues, including his most recent flop, “Acharya.” The versatile actor added, “Telugu speakers adore movies. If we provide quality content, they … Read more

    HBD Megastar Chiranjeevi. Overlook the five of his movies that made him a megastar.

    Chiranjeevi entered the movie business as an outsider. In the beginning of his career, he was able to secure minor roles with a great deal of effort. The movie “Punadi Rallu” marked his debut as a popular hero. After “Punadi Rallu,” Chiranjeevi never looked back. His journey to the top and subsequent emergence as Telugu cinema’s megastar happened progressively. Chiru … Read more

    Will Allu Arjun attend Chiranjeevi’s birthday party or will he skip it? Mega fans supervise Bunny’s actions. Check out why!

    Megastar Chiranjeevi fans and his family are making arrangements to celebrate Chiranjeevi’s birthday on a big scale. At Hyderabad’s Hitex convention center, Chiranjeevi was going to host a mega carnival event. On August 22—Chiranjeevi’s birthday—the event is anticipated to be attended by the biggest stars from Tollywood. There will also be special showings of Megastar’s everlasting hit “Gharana Mogudu” at … Read more

    “Godfather” teaser on August 21

    Konidela Pro Company has made a major update regarding Megastar Chiranjeevi’s next movie “Godfather.” This Sunday, August 21, will see the release of the highly awaited “Godfather” teaser. This surprising news has energised Mega fans. In addition to this news, a huge celebration is planned for Chiru’s birthday on August 22. On that day, a number of Chiru’s iconic films … Read more

    Chiranjeevi paid visit to veteran actor Kaikala Satyanaraya on his birthday

    To wish veteran actor Kaikala Satyanaraya a happy birthday, megastar Chiranjeevi paid a visit to his home. The 86-year-old veteran was afflicted with health issues. Chiranjeevi bought the cake while dozing off in bed at home, and the actor cut it. On his social media Chiranjeevi posted the pictures with a caption “On the occasion of Sri Kaikala Satyanarayana’s birthday, … Read more

    Prabhas’s ‘Adipurush’ will battle with ‘#Mega154’ and ‘Varasudu’ for Sankranthi victory

    The Sankranthi season is the epic season for cinema lovers. Every year, the top Tollywood actors reserve their spots for their movie releases during this time of year. For movie buffs, this Sankranthi season of 2023 is going to be an absolute wild coaster. Three of the most eagerly awaited films, namely Adipurush starring Prabhas, #Mega154 starring Chiranjeevi, and Varasudu … Read more