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  • Poor Promotions of ‘Godfather’ and decline in Chiranjeevi’s market worrying megastar fans

    Megastar Chiranjeevi is all set to hit the screens with his new film “Godfather” on October 5th. Unfortunately, there is no buzz about the movie. The producers aren’t even trying to market their movie in a noteworthy way. Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is playing a cameo role in this film. Despite the high-profile actors in this project, it is still unclear why the movie’s promotions have not yet begun.

    The Godfather is the official remake of the Malayalam blockbuster ‘Lucifer.’  Mohan Raja is directing this film. It is produced by Super Good Films. Nothing from the creators has been revealed up to this point, other than an audio track named “Taar Maar Takkar Maar.”

    The Godfather will be highly crucial for Chiranjeevi because he recently experienced a significant setback with “Acharaya,” which turned out to be the actor’s all-time worst result. His earlier movie, “Syeraa Narasimha Reddy,” similarly brought in losses for the buyers. Megastar hopes “Godfather” will help her get back on track, but a lack of planning and advertising is negatively impacting the hype surrounding this movie before it even opens.

    On the commercial front, Acharya undeniably demonstrated its influence on Chiranjeevi’s market. The theatrical business of “Godfather” is reportedly worth 90 crore. It is equivalent to the 2017 release of his movie Khaidi No 150. His prior films, Syeraa Narasimha Reddy and Acharya, fetched 190 and 140 crores before the release, respectively. The failure of his past movies, particularly Acharya, has undoubtedly damaged Chiranjeevi’s business, as seen by the statistics.

    According to reports, the “Godfather” will get active promotions over the upcoming two weeks. On September 25, the movie’s trailer is anticipated to be published. In Anantapur, the pre-release event will be held. Pawan Kalyan is anticipated to attend the event as a special guest. On October 5th, “Godfather” will be simultaneously released in Telugu and Hindi.

    Ram Charan, R. B. Choudary, and N. V. Prasad under Konidela Production Company and Super Good Films are the financiers of the movie. In the upcoming movie, actor Satya Dev will play a significant part. 

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