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  • “Godfather” teaser on August 21

    Konidela Pro Company has made a major update regarding Megastar Chiranjeevi’s next movie “Godfather.” This Sunday, August 21, will see the release of the highly awaited “Godfather” teaser.

    This surprising news has energised Mega fans. In addition to this news, a huge celebration is planned for Chiru’s birthday on August 22. On that day, a number of Chiru’s iconic films are slated for re-release in theaters.

    Megastar’s birthday is being celebrated worldwide, not just in the Telugu-speaking regions; celebrations are also being planned in the US. “Mega Carnival” is the name given to the events. Chiru’s brother Naga Babu will provide all the information about the festivities at a news conference today.

    ‘Godfather’ is an official remake of Malayalam superstar’s ‘Lucifer’ which is directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran. Ram Charan and RB Choudary are the producers of “Godfather,” which is directed by Mohan Raja. Salman Khan, alias Bollywood Bhaijaan, has a brief cameo appearance in this movie. In addition to Nayanthara, who is a superstar, Sathya Dev and Sunil play important roles. The Dasara season is predicted to see the premiere of the movie.

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