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  • Is Chiranjeevi teasing Vijay Devarakonda with his references to his “great rise” &  and “amazing downfall”?

    Last night at the “First Day First Show” pre-release event, megastar Chiranjeevi was in attendance as the chief guest and delivered a motivating speech to boost the new talent of this film.

    Chiru spoke out on a number of issues, including his most recent flop, “Acharya.” The versatile actor added, “Telugu speakers adore movies. If we provide quality content, they are constantly encouraging. The actor can only draw people to the theaters on opening day; the rest is up to the movie’s plot. Regardless of the star power, if the material is poor, the movie will have a disastrous second day at the box office. This is quite evident in “Acharya,” my most recent film. On the other side, movies like “Bimbisara,” “Sita Ramam,” and “Karthikeya-2″ had a sluggish start at the box office but are still doing well even weeks later.”

    Chiranjeevi gave advice to aspiring directors and actors, saying, “Only the talented and hard-working artists will flourish and reach the pinnacle of the cinema industry. Anyone who takes the film industry for granted will regress as quickly as they advance.”

    Chiranjeevi’s remarks prompted intense debates among movie enthusiasts. Many people believe that Chiru subtly made fun of Vijay Deverakonda and his most recent flop, “Liger,” in his speech. Many star admirers also felt the same about Chiru’s speech.

    To make it clear, Vijay Deverakonda became well-known in the industry quickly. He’s become one of Tollywood’s top stars. On and off the screen, the actor is renowned for his brash demeanour. Due to his provocative statements during the release of his most recent movie, “Liger,” he has become the subject of numerous controversies. “Liger” failed to perform well at the box office despite extensive promotion and controversy, incurring significant losses for the producers.

    Although Vijay Deverakonda’s name wasn’t mentioned by Chiranjeevi in his speech, many of Vijay’s supporters believe that Chiru cornered Vijay in his speech.

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