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  • Mega154″  lengthy schedule began today in Hyderabad. Ravi Teja and Chiranjeevi have joined the sets

    One of the most anticipated movies in Tollywood is “Mega154,” the joint effort of Chiranjeevi and filmmaker Bobby. The upcoming movie’s producers have provided an update on the filming process. According to a recent update, the filming for this movie has begun today in a studio in Hyderabad with all of the key actors, including Chiranjeevi, Shruthi Hassan, and Ravi Teja. This schedule, it is said, will continue for one month.

    This project is being directed by Bobby, a self-proclaimed Megastar devotee, who is putting his blood, sweat, and tears into it. According to the sources, Bobby put this project together with excellent commercial values. In order to give Megastar a much-needed hit.

    The movie’s producers are Naveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar, and GK Mohan, with Mohan serving as a co-producer. Mega154 has music by Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad and cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson. The editor is Niranjan Devaramane, while the production designer is AS Prakash. The creator of the costumes is Sushmita Konidela. The movie Mega154 will be released on Sankranti in 2023.

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