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  • Does the audience lose their interest in Nagarjuna’s films?

    In the past, Akkinenei Nagarjuna was sought after by Tollywood producers as a bankable senior hero. While Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, and Venkatesh struggled to capture the interest of the new generation of fans, Nagarjuna did it effortlessly. With back-to-back hits like “Manam,” “Soggade Chinni Nayana,” and “Oopiri,” Nag’s career was at its peak.

    But following “Oopiri,” his career as a veteran actor hit an all-time low due to a string of duds. At the box office, movies like “Officer,” “Devadas,” “Manmadhudu-2,” and “Wilddog” have failed miserably. Even while “Bangaraju” has done well to some extent, it still falls far short of Nagarjuna’s level of success.

    With his most recent project, Praveen Sattaru’s spy action thriller “The Ghost,” Nagarjuna made a return to the big screen. On October 5, “The Ghost” and Chiranjeevi’s “GodFather ” were both released. Due to the lack of interest in Nagaruna’s movie from the crowd, “GodFather ” was declared the winner of the duel. With barely a 4 crore share in three days, “The Ghost” ended to be yet another disaster in Nagarjuna’s career.

    Since the first look, teaser, and trailer for the movie all appeared to be highly new and intriguing, Nagarjuna fans anticipated that “The Ghost” would be his comeback movie. But the film’s dismal box office success has undoubtedly disappointed the star and his supporters.

    Surprisingly, Nagarjuna is not the only one who has had a string of failures. Even after working in the profession for a long time, his sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil continue to struggle to establish themselves as bankable actors.

    With all of Nagarjuna’s recent missteps, it’s clear that he needs a big hit as soon as possible. Managing the mediocre acting careers of his sons Akhil and Naga Chaitanya is another difficult phase for Nagarjuna.

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