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  • Echoes of the Everyday: Celebrating Middle Class Hero roles in Telugu Cinema

    In cinema, heroes often take on a range of roles, from engaging in thrilling action sequences to starring in socio-fantasy films. Typically, these cinematic heroes lead extraordinary lives, far removed from the everyday experiences of the audience, showcasing their adventures in vibrant costumes and luxury vehicles. Yet, there exists a niche of films that diverge from this archetype, striking a chord with middle-class families by authentically depicting their struggles and triumphs. In such narratives, the protagonist sheds the usual glamor to portray a character steeped in responsibility and commitment to family values. This grounded portrayal resonates deeply with the youth, allowing them to see reflections of their own lives in these characters. Here, we explore a selection of memorable middle-class hero roles that have left a significant impact on Telugu cinema.

    Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule

    In this movie, Venkatesh leads an ordinary life, struggling without a job and facing criticism from his father, Kota Srinivasa Rao. Eventually, securing a job, he aims to take good care of his father but ends up losing him, turning into an orphan. Each scene in this film closely mirrors middle-class lives.

    Raghuvaran B.Tech

    Dhanush’s character in Raghuvaran B.Tech constantly loses something for his family’s sake, giving away his savings for his brother’s need and job-hunting after his mother’s demise despite his reluctance towards certain occupations.


    Pawan Kalyan initially roams aimlessly with friends in Thammudu but changes his ways after his brother, a boxer, is attacked by rivals. Abandoning his carefree life, he trains hard in boxing to defend his brother’s honor.

    Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo

    Allu Arjun grows up believing Murali Sharma is his father due to a conspiracy, cherishing his wife and daughter as his own family. Learning the truth about his real parents, he strives to protect them without revealing his identity, preferring a middle-class existence.

    Gang Leader

    Initially aimless, Chiranjeevi in Gang Leader takes on the responsibility of his brother’s education following a family tragedy and even goes to jail for money, sacrificing his needs for his family.

    Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi

    Ravi Teja harbors resentment towards his father, Prakash Raj, for abandoning his mother. Following her death, he fulfills her wish to reconcile with his father, later teaching a lesson to those who deceived his family.

    A Aa

    Nithin, a quintessential middle-class guy in A Aa, agrees to marry the daughter of Rao Ramesh, whom he owes money, despite knowing the love of a wealthy girl, Samantha. He prioritizes his family’s welfare until the climax.


    Nani, a former cricketer in Jersey, quits cricket due to health issues and lives off his wife’s earnings. Upon his son’s wish to see him play, he picks up the bat again, showcasing a father’s love for his child.


    Ravi Teja dreams of becoming a film director in Neninthe, struggling to afford treatment for his ailing mother. Caught between his ambition and his mother’s health, he reflects the struggles many face.


    Prabhas in Yogi connects well with the middle-class youth, leaving his mother for the city to work in a hotel and saving penny by penny for her, a story that reminds many of their own experiences with loss and aspiration.

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