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  • Year in Entertainment 2022 ( India)

    Let’s review the events that occurred in the Indian entertainment industry in 2022. Losing of Stalwarts It’s been a heartbreaking year knowing that some of the greats are not with us today. Krishnam Raju, Superstar Krishna, and Latha Mangeshaka died in 2022. The unexpected and sad deaths of KK and Sidhu Moosewala also devastated the fans. A year of Mega … Read more

    Prabhas’ director ‘Sujeet’ to direct Pawan Kalyan?

    The re-release of Pawan Kalyan’s “Jalsa”  has swept the film industry. A total of 3.5 crores have been made from the re-release shows. Records of this nature are only achievable for Pawan Kalyan. Rumors about the actor’s upcoming movies are rife on the internet as his admirers gradually come to terms with the end of their “Jalsa” frenzy. The forthcoming … Read more

    Pawan Kalyan’s “Hari Hara Veera Maallu” power glance storming the internet

    The most awaited glimpse is here, a sneak peek into the world of the legendary heroic outlaw, “Hari Hara Veera Maallu,” is unveiled by the makers. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan awed everyone with a previously unseen persona. Pawan Kalyan plays the titular character of Veera Mallu in the short video that shows a power star taking down the bad guys using … Read more

    Power Star Birthday Special: The best movies that were turned down by Pawan Kalyan

    The Telugu film industry’s biggest crowd-pleaser is undoubtedly Pawan Kalyan. For fans of Telugu cinema, his film releases are similar to the holiday seasons. His jittery demeanour drives the youngsters crazy. Both on and off the screen, he is a warrior. Yet after 50 years, girls still swoon over this actor. He is the powerstar of Telugu cinema. Industry triumphs … Read more

    “Hari Hara Veera Mallu,” the legendary heroic outlaw, has arrived

    “Hari Hara Veera Mallu” by Pawan Kalyan has a brand-new poster. Power Star is depicted in this breathtaking poster with a dapper moustache and a regal demeanor. He was observed dressed like an outlaw, riding a chariot. In the historical drama, Pawan Kalyan plays the title character. Pawan Kalyan portrays the fabled outlaw Veera Mallu in the 17th-century drama. The … Read more

    Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa’ euphoria hits again in Hyderabad

    Telugu movie buffs are rejoicing in the euphoria of the re-releases of some trend-setting classics by their favourite stars. The remastered 4K versions are getting an enthusiastic response from the fans. It all began in August with Mahesh Babu’s “Pokiri”, which was released on a record-breaking 400 screens in Telugu states and the US. Now this record has been broken … Read more

    ‘First Day First Show’ Trailer: Anudeep KV’s tribute to Powerstar Pawan Kalyan

    ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ director Anudeep KV  turned into writer of the film ‘First Day First Show’. He wrote the script and helmed the screenplay of this upcoming film which starrs the debutants. The film’s marketing campaign has generated a lot of buzz thanks to its incredibly captivating interviews. The movie will soon be seen in theaters. The official trailer for the … Read more

    Sanjay Sahu, aka Pawan Kalyan, is expected to do ‘Jalsa’ in theaters soon

    Mahesh Babu’s ‘Pokiri’ mayhem took the Indian film market by storm. The cult classic movie was rereleased on 400 screens around India and abroad to celebrate the superstar’s birthday. Almost all of these shows were full houses. While other actors can only aspire to this level of stardom. A whooping 1.7 crore share collections from the special screenings were made, … Read more

    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan shows his love for the “Kalapuram” trailer

    “Palasa (1978)” and “Sridevi Soda Center” aided director Karuna Kumar to establish a solid reputation. With his latest film, “Kalapuram,” the gifted director is finally making a comeback to theaters. Together, Zee Studios and R4 Entertainment produced this film. The main actors in this film were Satyam Rajesh, Sanchita Poonacha, Kashima Rafi, Srinu, and Rudra Antony. This film satirises contemporary … Read more

    Raksha Bandhan Special: Tollywood heroes and their sisters

    Indians have a special place in their hearts for the Raksha Bandhan festival. In India and other areas of the world, this customary annual celebration is joyfully celebrated. Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated to honour the bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters of all ages tie an amulet known as a Rakhi around the wrists of their … Read more