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  • Sanjay Sahu, aka Pawan Kalyan, is expected to do ‘Jalsa’ in theaters soon

    Mahesh Babu’s ‘Pokiri’ mayhem took the Indian film market by storm. The cult classic movie was rereleased on 400 screens around India and abroad to celebrate the superstar’s birthday. Almost all of these shows were full houses. While other actors can only aspire to this level of stardom.

    A whooping 1.7 crore share collections from the special screenings were made, this is a dream number for many actors for the first day of their film. 

    With its exclusive screenings, “Pokiri” has created a new trend in the industry. The fan unions of all the major heroes are currently preparing to celebrate the same tradition on the birthdays of their favorite stars. On September 2, Pawan Kalyan, who has a sizable fan base in the Telugu states, will celebrate his birthday. A social media movement has been begun by his fans to release the 4K print of his popular movie “Jalsa.” In response to popular demand, “Jalsa” producers Geetha Arts have started the 4K print works. Official word has it that “Jalsa” will return to theatres on September 2 in a 4K ultra HD print.

    Jalsa was a story of Sanjay, a young man who joins an extremist group after suffering a tumultuous childhood. A police officer decides to guide him in a better direction. In this process, his daughter falls in love with Sanjay. Pawan, Mukesh Rishi, Ileana D’Cruz, Prakash Raj and others were there in Jalsa. Jalsa was appreciated by the audience and critics alike. Reviewers pointed out that Jalsa was Pawan’s finest work to date after Khushi.

    The trend of re-releasing classic popular movies starring Prabhas, Allu Arjun, NTR, and Ram Charan is also anticipated to continue.

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