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  • In 24 days, Kalyan Ram’s “Bimbisara” earned a profit of 21 crore

    Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s latest blockbuster, “Bimbisara,” enters its fourth week on a strong note. Despite tough competition from other films, “Bimbisara” is still holding well in urban circles. The film has passed the 50 crore gross mark in the Telugu states and is heading towards the closing collections. The worldwide gross of this film was around 63 crores in 24 days.

    Take a look at the day wise collections of ‘Bimbisara’

    ‘Bimbisara’ Day Wise AP/TG Collections

    Day 16.30 Cr
    Day 24.52 Cr
    Day 35.02 Cr
    Day 42.27 Cr
    Day 52.52 Cr
    Day 61.07 Cr
    Day 763 Cr
    Day 81.13 Cr
    Day 91.14 Cr
    Day 101.45 Cr
    Day 111.52 Cr
    Day 1272 L
    Day 1343 L
    Day 1429 L
    Day 1550 L
    Day 1653 L
    Day 1784 L
    Day 1838 L
    Day 1943 L
    Day 2025 L
    Day 2110 L
    Day 228 L
    Day 239 L
    Day 2431 L
    Total32.60 Cr (52.20 Cr gross)
    KA +ROI2.30 Cr
    Overseas2.35 Cr
    WW Total37.25 Cr (63.70 Cr gross)

    “Bimbisara” has made over 21 crore profits in 24 days and emerged as a double blockbuster.

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