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  • Is Vijay Devarakonda’s ‘Liger’ loosely inspired by Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Johnny’?

    About 19 years ago i.e. in 2003, the movie ‘Johnny’ created a stir before its release.  Currently, the hype surrounding the movie Liger is similar to that which ‘Johnny’ generated in 2003. Huge cut-outs are being used by fans to mark the “Liger” trailer release event. The movie is quite well-liked across the country on social media. However, a certain portion of viewers are drawing comparisons between this film and Pawan Kalyan’s “Johnny”. What connects these two in a similar way? Box office failure for “Johnny.” Will “Liger” become a success?

    ‘Liger’ trailer creating a havoc among the public

    Nowadays, it’s uncommon to see such intense excitement for a movie before it hits the theaters. Even the current Telugu movie superstars don’t receive this much publicity. But, “Liger” got it. Director Puri Jagannadh equipped the trailer with all the elements like the protagonists’ humble beginnings, martial arts, love, relationships, emotions, and action scenes. The trailer is receiving really favourable feedback from the audience. Tweets predicting the success of the film are flooding in. However, some people contrast this film with “Johnny” by Pawan Kalyan. Another sports drama that generated buzz before its premiere was “Johnny” back in 2003.

    However, the movie was a financial disaster.

    Is ‘Johnny’ ahead of its time?

    Watching this video, it seems Liger and Johnny have a lot in common. The movie “Johnny” was written and directed by Pawan Kalyan. Renu Desai worked as both a production designer and a costume designer for this movie. The story of the movie “Johnny” revolves around a young boy who practices and teaches martial arts, lives with his pals, and was estranged from his father at a young age. He marries Geetha in this series after falling in love with her. He joins the fight club to raise money to pay for her treatment because he is aware that she has blood cancer but does not want to have treatment. 

    Pawan Kalyan learnt new fighting skills for the flick, including eskrima, martial arts, and aikido. With Pawan Kalyan’s reputation, there were high expectations for the movie before it came out. Even Megastar Chiranjeevi’s “Indra” pre-release business was outperformed by this movie. Although the movie’s action sequences and live action filming techniques made a splash, the audience was unimpressed by the narrative since it was a little confusing. The film “Johnny” turned out to be Pawan Kalyan’s biggest failure. Even so, a lot of moviegoers claim that “Johnny” is their favourite Pawan Kalyan film.

    The admirers of Pawan Kalyan think that “Johnny” was much ahead of its time. The movie would be a classic blockbuster if it were released ten years later.

    Over time, there have been significant changes in the film audience and their preferences. They are more mature than ever before. If Puri Jagannadh’s “Liger” manages to keep the audience entertained with his trademark screenplay, the movie will undoubtedly wreck havoc at the box office. Let’s wait and watch how ‘Liger’ performs.

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