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  • Kajal Karthika OTT: A Year Later, Kajal Aggarwal’s Horror Film Hits OTT.

    The Tamil film ‘Karungaapiyam,’ featuring Kajal Aggarwal and Regina Cassandra in lead roles, arrived last July under the title ‘Kajal Karthika’ for Telugu audiences. Already streaming in Tamil on Amazon Prime, this movie is now set to entertain Telugu viewers, becoming available on the popular Telugu OTT platform Aha from April 9th. Aha shared this announcement with a new poster.

    Four Heroines

    ‘Kajal Karthika’ stars not one but four heroines. Alongside Kajal and Regina, Raiza Wilson and Janani are also major characters. The presence of four heroines in a horror film had created quite a buzz around ‘Karungaapiyam’ in Tamil. However, the delay in the film’s release gradually faded the interest, leading to a lukewarm response from audiences in theaters. The lack of hype in Tamil meant the film didn’t make much impact in Telugu either.

    Will It Succeed on Aha?

    The producers hope that ‘Kajal Karthika’ will reach a wider audience post its release on Aha. Produced by Pave Entertainment in Tamil and released under Venkata Sai Films banner in Telugu by T. Janardhan, with Muthyala Ramadasu’s presentation, the film features other notable actors like Sherlyseth, Yogi Babu, and John Vijay in key roles. Yogi Babu‘s character, in particular, is expected to provide comedic relief to the viewers.


    This film unfolds against the backdrop of a lockdown, incorporating five stories. Delving into the story… Karthika (Regina), seeking to while away some time, heads to an old library. There, she stumbles upon a book named ‘Kaatuka Bottu’ written a century ago. The book, appearing as an ancient manuscript, instantly sparks her interest to read it. However, as she begins to read, the characters from the book turn into ghosts and start appearing before her one by one. Among these characters is Karthik (Kajal), who died due to the villagers’ actions and is seething with vengeance. How is her vengeance fulfilled? What caused her death? What is the connection between Karthik (Regina) and Karthik (Kajal)? And what are the other four stories? This forms the plot.

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