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  • Kalyan Ram’s “Bimbisara” review

    In Telugu cinema, socio-fantasy and sci-fi films have always held a distinct position. But, only a relatively small number of the numerous films in this genre have found commercial success. To restore Tollywood’s heyday, actor Kalyan Ram produced the socio-fantasy sci-fi film “Bimbisara.” As moviegoers, we must respect Kalyan Ram for self-producing this expensive picture while putting his faith in Mallidi Vashist, a debutante director. The female leads in this movie were played by Catherine and Samyukta Menon. MM. Keeravani is involved in the music. Will Kalyan produce a box office hit with this movie? Let’s examine.


    The emperor of Trigartala, Bimbisara, aspires to enslave every state he comes across.  He does, however, unintentionally enter the world today. How did Bimbisara adapt to this contemporary world? How did Bimbisara make his way into the present day? Who was he before? Based on these ideas, the filmmaker created a screenplay that was brimming with surprises.

    Analysis and performances

    It is noteworthy that director Vashist sought to combine socio-fantasy and science fiction. This movie brings to mind Balakrishna’s classic “Aditya 369.” Director Vashist has kept the audience engaged throughout the story’s twists and turns by directing past and present simultaneously. Kalyan Ram’s incredible transformation will steal the show. When compared to the first half, the second half has a slower pace. The film’s action scenes and special effects are its most notable features. In this movie, actor Srinivas Reddy has a good role. Without losing its focus, director Vashist executed his story brilliantly. Overall, don’t miss this Kalyan Ram movie in theaters.



    Kalyan Ram’s performance

    Keeravani’s background score

    Technical values


    Slow second half

    Emotions could have been elevated better

    Rating : 3/5

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