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  • Nandmuri Kalyan’s next film is set to arrive for the Christmas season

    Nandmuri Kalyan Ram scored a huge blockbuster with his recent film, “Bimbisara.” Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara minted 70 crores at the box office and emerged as the biggest hit of his career. The Nandmuri hero made huge money with Bimbisara as he himself produced it. The actor has already finished filming for another film under the Mythri Movie Makers banner, which … Read more

    Kalyan Ram’s “Bimbisara” review

    In Telugu cinema, socio-fantasy and sci-fi films have always held a distinct position. But, only a relatively small number of the numerous films in this genre have found commercial success. To restore Tollywood’s heyday, actor Kalyan Ram produced the socio-fantasy sci-fi film “Bimbisara.” As moviegoers, we must respect Kalyan Ram for self-producing this expensive picture while putting his faith in … Read more