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  • “Koffe with Karan” Is No Longer on the Air

    Karan Johar’s Twitter account shared some upsetting news to his fans. Johar is the founder of Dharma Productions, which has produced plenty of memorable Indian films. Karan Johar is a well-known figure in TV and OTT, in addition to filmmaking. In Indian cinema, Karan is regarded as one of the pioneers of modern film culture.

    Karan’s highly rated talk show “Koffee With Karan,” which aired for six seasons on television, has now terminated. This programme has come to an end, according to Karan, the host of the talk show for all six seasons. On his official Twitter account, he reacted with a statement regarding the talk show’s future.

    From Season 1 (2005) to Season 6, “Koffee With Karan” was India’s most popular talk show (2019). This show is known for asking the actors incredibly tricky questions. On this show, a number of actors and actresses have made some surprising revelations. With each episode, this TV show has created headlines. Karan, who has a lot of industry friends, has invited almost all of Bollywood’s biggest stars to his talk show. Our Telugu stars Prabhas and Raja Mouli have also been on this talk show, in addition to Bollywood stars.

    With his surprise announcement, Karan shattered the expectations of this talk show audience. There will be no more “Koffee With Karan” seasons, he recently said. “I’d like to think we made an impact, and we even found our place in pop cultural history,” he remarked.


    Whether you like it or not, this show will go down in Indian Television history as one of the best chat shows.

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