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  • NTR is pleased by Alia Bhatt’s Telugu song and Ranbir Kapoor’s Telugu talk

    One of the most eagerly anticipated Indian movies, Brahmastra, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles, will be released next week. In Hyderabad, a large pre-release celebration was planned but had to be cancelled owing to security concerns.  However, to make up for the massive pre-release celebration, a press conference was scheduled at a star hotel in … Read more

    Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Liger’ Telugu version crashed very badly on Day 2, opens well in Hindi on the first day

    The second day saw a severe decline in collections for Vijay Deverakonda’s “Liger Telugu Movie” with a dip of more than 80% from the first. But in Hindi, on opening day which is Friday, the movie got some respectable numbers. The Telugu version of “Liger” was released on Thursday, while the Hindi version was released on Friday. Despite unfavourable reviews … Read more

    Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Liger’ movie Review

    Plot Ramya Krishna (Balamani) moves her son Liger (Vijay Deverakonda) from Karimnagar to Mumbai so he can pursue MMA training. Liger is cautioned not to pursue women or fall in love because his mother prohibits it, but he does so and ends up doing so with Taniya (Ananya Panday), an affluent young woman. The essence of the story is how … Read more

    Puri Jagannadh disclosed the story of Liger

    Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Liger’ will hit the screens tomorrow on a big scale all over the world. “Liger” is released on 3000 screens around the world. The pre-bookings for this film are flying off the shelves in both domestic and foreign markets. Overall, this movie is receiving a tonne of excitement. To smash the box office, the movie only needs great … Read more

    #IsupportLiger Hashtag trends on Twitter against #boycoottLiger. The Boycott gang targets Vijay Devarakonda

    Bollywood actors and business experts are debating the boycott of Bollywood movies vehemently. His nasty campaigns are in some way having a detrimental impact on movies. This boycott movement was started by a section of the Bollywood public to show support for the deceased actor Sushanth Singh Rajput, who committed suicide in 2020. However, even after the actor’s passing two … Read more

    Vijay Devarakonda teases the brand new single ‘Coka 2.0’ from “Liger”

    Vijay Devarakonda is raising the hype more and more for his upcoming film “Liger” with his aggressive promotions. The trailer and chartbuster songs are ruling the internet. Additionally, “Liger” makers have announced a nationwide promotional tour which is referred to as the ‘Liger fandom tour’. Vijay Devarakonda is leaving no stones unturned to promote his flick at the highest level.  … Read more

    “Liger” Fandom Tour: Vijay Devarakonda will be in Hyderabad on August 15

    The national heartthrob Vijay Devarakonda is leaving no stone unturned to promote his upcoming release, “Liger”.  The Tollywood star actor is  striving tirelessly to raise exposure of “Liger” throughout India. While “Liger” is being released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada around the country, Vijay Devarakonda and his team are working hard to get their movie into the country’s … Read more

    Koffee with Karan: Vijay Devarakonda ‘recalls his days’ when he once had sex in his car

    Karan Johar unveiled the teaser for the upcoming episode of “Koffee With Karan.” He shared the glimpse on his social media handles. This episode features the “Liger” pair Vijay Devarakonda and Ananya Pandey. The promo had given enough content to gossip mills.  The first question Karan asks Vijay is “Do you like cheese?”. The actor responds with a half-smile, “I … Read more

    “Koffee With Karan” moves to the top of the streaming charts with Samantha’s episode

    Possibly the most well-known chat show in the modern era of entertainment is “Koffee With Karan”. Along with its success, the programme garnered media attention for a number of film industry issues. The heart and soul of this chat show is Karan Johar, who is renowned for his excellent hosting and marketing abilities. His enduring approach elicits the most unexpected … Read more

    Ranveer Singh to grace the ‘Liger’ movie trailer launch event in Mumbai

    ‘Rowdy,’ Vijay Devarakonda’s upcoming film ‘Liger’ is generating a tonne of buzz at the box office with every update. The “Liger” makers have intensified the promotions as the release date approaches. The pan-Indian project’s trailer will be unveiled tomorrow. To release the movie’s trailer, producer Karan Johar has scheduled two events in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Karan Johar is bringing his … Read more