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  • Mirnalini Ravi: Did You Know These facts of  ‘Love Guru’ Fame Mirnalini Ravi?

    Young beauty Mirnalini Ravi is making waves in both Telugu and Tamil cinemas. Her latest film ‘Love Guru‘ is set to release in Telugu on April 11. Tamil star hero Vijay Antony has played the lead role in it. Recently, Mirnalini’s acting in the trailer, especially a scene where she pours liquor into a glass for her husband Vijay Antony in the honeymoon room, has captivated everyone. This has led audiences to eagerly search for more information about this beauty. Here are the full details about her.

    Where was Mirnalini Ravi born?

    Mirnalini was born in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.

    What is Mirnalini Ravi’s date of birth?

    May 10, 1995

    Where did Mirnalini Ravi complete her education?


    Which school did Mirnalini Ravi attend?

    Lake Montfort School, Bangalore

    What did Mirnalini Ravi study?

    Mirnalini completed her B.Tech at the East Point Group of Institutions in Bangalore. She also worked in an IT company.

    Who are Mirnalini Ravi’s parents?

    Her father’s name is Vishal Ravi. Her mother’s name has not been mentioned anywhere.

    How old is Mirnalini Ravi?

    29 years (as of 2024)

    What is Mirnalini Ravi’s weight?

    60 kg

    How tall is Mirnalini Ravi?

    5 feet 7 inches

    How did Mirnalini Ravi become famous?

    She caught everyone’s attention by making reels on TikTok and Dubsmash.

    What was Mirnalini Ravi’s first film?

    The 2019 Tamil film ‘Super Deluxe‘ was Mirnalini’s debut film. Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja gave her a chance after seeing her videos on social media.

    What was Mirnalini Ravi’s first Telugu film?

    Gaddalakonda Ganesh

    What Telugu films has Mirnalini Ravi done so far?

    Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu.

    What Tamil films has Mirnalini Ravi done so far?

    Super Deluxe’, ‘Champion’, ‘Enemy’, ‘MGR Magan’, ‘Jango’, ‘Cobra’…

    What are Mirnalini Ravi’s hobbies?

    Traveling, reading, singing

    Is Mirnalini Ravi married?


    Does Mirnalini Ravi eat non-vegetarian food?

    Yes, she enjoys non-vegetarian items.

    Who are Mirnalini Ravi’s favorite actor and actress?

    She hasn’t revealed her favorite actors or actresses.

    What is Mirnalini Ravi’s Instagram account link?


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