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  • November 18, Telugu Movie and OTT releases

    It’s going to be a pretty dull week for Telugu movie buffs. This week sees the release of none of the major Telugu films. Just a few unknown, small-budget Telugu movies are headed for release this week at the box office.

    PLAY – November 18

    The crime suspense thriller revolves around a murder investigation that took place in Hyderabad. The trailer made a decent impact on the public.

    Best Couple – November 18

    Jayanth Vadali, Sangasri and Chalaki Chanti play lead roles in this humorous family drama. The flick is directed by Ganesh Dorala and produced by Prabhu Reddy.

    Masooda – November 18

    Actress Sangeetha is coming back to big screens with a horror film ‘Masooda.’ This film runs on the storyline of how a single mother saves her possessed daughter from evil forces.

    OTT Releases

    Title CategoryLanguagePlatformRelease Date
    Two HeartsMovieEnglishNetflixNov 16
    The Santa ClausesSeriesEnglishHotstarNov 16
    Hotel Daze – S3TV ShowHindiPrime VideoNov 16
    IravathamMovieTeluguHotstarNov 17
    Christmas With YouMovieEnglishNetflixNov 17
    Aha Naa PellantaSeriesTelugu, TamilZee5Nov 17
    1899SeriesEnglishNetflixNov 17
    Dead to MeSeries – S3EnglishNetflixNov 17
    SardarMovieTam, TelAhaNov 18
    Anal Meley Pani ThuliMovieTamilSony LIVNov 18
    Wonder WomenMoviePan-IndiaSony LIVNov 18
    Sita Ramam MovieHindiHostarNov 18
    The wonderMovieEnglishNetflixNov 18
    SlumberlandMovieEnglishNetflixNov 18
    GodfatherMovieTelugu, HindiNetflixNov 19
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