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  • Puri Jagannadh is blackmailed by his ‘Liger’ distributors

    Once again making news for the wrong reasons, Puri Jagannadh and his most recent movie “Liger” are in the spotlight. The project was a significant loss-making endeavour for the distributors. The director of “Liger,” Puri Jagannadh, had promised the distributors compensation through monetary settlements.

    In the middle of all this turmoil, an online leak of an audio clip of Puri’s chat with a distributor occurred. When the distributors attempt to take advantage of him in the audio, Puri loses his temper. He also said that the distributors would only get into greater difficulty if they attempted to blackmail him. Puri said that while he hasn’t yet received the non-theatrical money, he will settle the balance in one month.

    A WhatsApp message is also doing the rounds on social media in addition to the audio recording. The ‘Liger’ exhibitors are gathering for a protest against Puri Jaganndh, according to the message that was released. Although the director had told the distributors that the money would be settled in 50 days, this never happened. The distributors and exhibitors were furious about this and made the resolute choice to protest outside Puri’s office.

    On the work front, Puri has not announced any project after the debacle of ‘Liger.’ Let’s see if the talented director will be able to turn the tides back.

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