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  • ‘Puri Jagannadh, soon you will be in line for your Son’s (Akash Puri) dates,’ says Bandla Ganesh at the Chor Bazaar Pre-release event.

    he Bandla Ganesh Speech at the Chor Bazaar pre-release event was dramatic, as he chastised Puri Jagannadh for not attending. Bandla Ganesh made some interesting remarks, such as, “Puri Jagannadh, you taught people dialogues and dances and made them Super Stars and Mega Stars, where were you when your son’s turn came?”

    The event turned out to be a brief biography of Puri Jagannadh, his life, and how he got started. Bandla Ganesh made a passionate plea for his father to support his son. This is a must-see video.

    On another note, Chor Bazaar will be released tomorrow (June 24, 2002), so check out our article on the Chor Bazaar trailer. Jeevan Reddy will direct the film, which will star Akash Puri, Gehna Sippy, Subbaraju, and Sampoornesh Babu.

    In Hyderabad, there are two chor bazaars for the uninitiated. One in the old city, known as ‘Jumeraat Bazaaar,’ is open on Thursdays, and the other in Sanathnagar is open on Sunday mornings. These are thrift stores, and most of the items are not stolen, though you may find stolen items such as scooter tires, iron boxes, shoes, and so on. The majority of the items could be counterfeit branded products.