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  • Ram Charan fulfilled her Mother’s wish

    Ram Charan is on a roll following the success of RRR. With the phenomenal success of RRR, the Mega Power star became a pan-India sensation. His next film, Acharaya, will be released on April 29. For the first time in a full-length role, he appears alongside his father, Megastar Chiranjeevi, in this film. In this upcoming film, he plays Sidda, a pivotal role. The film’s director is Koratala Siva. 

    For their fans, seeing Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi in a full-length film is a dream come true. Ms. Surekha, Ram Charan’s mother, is another person who wishes to see her son and husband in a feature film. She was the one who brought Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi together for the film Acharya. In the actor’s own words, how did Ms. Surekha manage to bring Megastar and Megapower star together for Acharaya’s film?

    Why do you want Ram Charan to play Acharya?

    Koratala Siva: It’s my dream to work with Chiranjeevi on a film. The script for Acharya was specifically written for Chiranjeevi. I can’t imagine another actor playing that part. Sidda is another important character in this film. The Gurukulam way of life serves as the setting for this character. I’m confident that casting a star in this role will make it explode. I discovered all of Sidda’s abilities in Ram Charan. However, because Charan works for RRR, I anticipated that obtaining his dates would be difficult. But, by God’s grace, he agreed to make the film after reading my script. This is how the film’s casting was done.

    Why are you interested in producing this film?

    Ram Charan : I knew I had to make this film no matter what the cost as soon as I read the script, but due to RRR’s hectic schedule, I’ve teamed up with Nirajan to co-produce it. Nirajan had previously expressed interest in producing one of my projects, but this did not come to fruition. Things worked out with Acharya, however.

    Share your thoughts on Acharya’s filming.

    Ram Charan : My father and I have been living apart for the past four years because we moved to a new home. We used to get together on Sundays or at events, but I’ve been missing his company recently. Blessings arrived in the form of the film Acharaya. We were together for 18 days. Those shooting days were a lot of fun. Those were the days that will live on in my memory for the rest of my life.

    How did you react when Siva told you that you had to dance with Megastar?

    Ram Charan:  I was very nervous when Siva proposed. I was able to overcome my phobia gradually but steadily. It’s worth noting that my mother and grandmother came to the set to support us during the song shoot. They used to wager on our ability to dance amongst themselves. They are some of my most cherished memories.

    How did you manage to film RRR and Acharaya simultaneously?

    Ram Charan: My mother is dying to see me and my father in a feature film. Her wish persuaded me to join the cast of this film, and Rajamouli arranged for my schedule to be rearranged so that I could work on Acharya. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for his thoughtful gesture. Despite the fact that my characters in RRR and Acharya are vastly different, my appearances in both films are strikingly similar, which aided Siva and me.

    What is your experience with Pooja Hegde?

    Ram Charan: Pooja is a fantastic actress, as we all know. Despite working on multiple films at the same time, she was able to complete her tasks on time. Her dedication is much appreciated.

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