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  • Rolex is trending because of Vikram & Kamal Hassan Gifts a Real Rolex to reel Rolex aka Suriya

    ‘Vikram’,Kamal Hassan’s new flick, is sweeping in record-breaking box office numbers. While the lead actor, Kamal Hassan, is showering the movie makers and cast with luxurious gifts.

    Universal Hero Kamal Hassan is sitting on top of the globe, where he truly belongs, after Vikram’s blockbuster triumph. Lokesh Kanagaraj, a young and incredibly gifted director, helmed ‘Vikram’. Vikram is the follow-up to the director’s cinematic universe, which he created with his film ‘Khaidi.’ With ‘Vikram,’ Lokesh gave Kamal Hassan the most memorable hit, which would be remembered for a long time. As a token of appreciation, ‘Andavar’ Kamal Hassan gave his director, Lokesh Kanigarajan, a luxurious car as a token of gratitude.

    This Universal Hero’s gifting spree didn’t end there. Suriya aka ‘Nadipin Nayagan’ was given a brand new Rolex watch by Kamal Hassan as a symbol of love for doing a cameo role in Vikram without charging any fee.

    According to fans, Suriya nailed the character of Rolex, a vicious drug lord. Since Vikram’s release, the word ‘Rolex’ has been trending on Twitter. His 5-minute cameo role has enraged the audience.

    #Rolex trending on Twitter

    ‘Vikram’ had a fantastic reception from the crowd from the very first screening. The outstanding performances of Kamal Hassan, Fahadh Faasil, and Vijay Sethupathi received a lot of admiration from moviegoers. However, Suriya’s 5-minute cameo in ‘Rolex’ as ‘Nadipin Nayagan’ has overshadowed the rest. Suriya’s performance as a ruthless drug lord is shaking the theaters. On single screens, fans are shredding their shirts for Suriya. Lokesh deserves credit for bringing together the most powerful forces in South Indian industry in a single frame. Suriya’s cameo was supposed to be a surprise for the audience, but ardent Suriya fans were able to guess his appearance based on a short glimpse from the trailer. Suriya’s appearance was officially revealed by Lokesh a day before the film’s release.

    Since Vikram’s release, the hashtag Rolex has been trending on Twitter. This hashtag is being used by fans on Twitter to express their ecstatic anticipation for Suriya’s cameo. Suriya has a large fan base all around the country, as evidenced by this. In addition, Kamal’s surprise Rolex present to Suriya boosted the hashtag’s traffic significantly. Suriya has given the luxury watch brand ‘Rolex’ plenty of free publicity in India.

    Look at some twitter posts about Suriya as Rolex.