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  • “Uppena” fame Buchibabu Sana was spotted helping his mentor Sukumar helm the script for “Pushpa: The Rule.”

    The script work for “Pushpa: The Rule” is moving at breakneck speed. It’s been reported that “Uppena” director Buchibabu Sana has joined Sukumar in script writing for “Pushpa:The Rule”. Sana, with whom Sukumar has a close relationship, will assist his master in the writing process. A picture of both the directors conversing over the script has gone viral on social … Read more

    Sukumar has already written the script for Pushpa-3 : Fahadh Faasil

    Allu Arjun’s took over the country by storm with his recent pan-Indian blockbuster “Pushpa: The Rise”. The star has made millions of followers from all over the country with his chin-stroking swagger. It doesn’t take long for even a minor update about his upcoming film, “Pushpa: The Rule,” to go viral online. That is how the buzz for the actor … Read more

    With Allu Arjun battling five formidable villains in “Pushpa: The Rule”, audiences are perplexed and excited

    Icon star Allu Arjun is now in the league of superheroes of India. We can say this without giving it a second thought. Moviegoers around the nation have been swept away by his charisma and macho charm. No South Indian film before his, “Pushpa: The Rise,” has established the standards that it has. In a nutshell, Allu Arjun’s dedication and … Read more

    Allu Arjun’s family photos are currently trending online

    Allu Arjun is one of India’s most talked-about actors in recent times. After the blockbuster success of ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, the actor’s name has skyrocketed to a different level. Now he’s clearly on a par with Prabhas and Ram Charan. The actor is set to resume the shooting for his upcoming project, “Pushpa: The Rule,” the sequel to “Pushpa: The … Read more

    Vijay Sethupathi as a corrupt Police Officer in Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rule’

    The filmography of Allu Arjun can be classified into two parts: before Pushpa and after Pushpa. It appears that the project “Pushpa: The Rule” will likely be more successful than “Pushpa: The Rise.” Even before the initiative is launched, the crowd is quite enthusiastic. This film will begin production in August, and its official release date is now January 2023. … Read more

    Kamal Hassan’s ‘Vikram’ Set to join Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ in the 400 crore club. Box office collections of ‘Vikram’ all over India (21 Days).

    ‘Vikram,’ the comeback film of ‘Universal Hero’ Kamal Hassan, became one of India’s biggest blockbusters. Even after 21 days, the Lokesh Kanagaraj-directed film is still at the top of the box office charts. ‘Vikram’ brought in big bucks for distributors all over the world. With an estimated gross of 153.2 crores, ‘Vikram’ surpassed Bahubali 2’s lifetime collections in Tamil Nadu … Read more

    People are streaming ‘Kaithi,’ the first film in the Lokesh Universe(LCU), after watching Kamal Hassan’s Vikram

    It’s been eleven days since ‘Vikram,’ a collaboration between Lokesh Kanagaraj and Kamal Hassan was released in theaters. This film is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Since its initial release, this Tamil action-thriller has broken a slew of box office records. ‘Vikram’ has become a big money maker not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in the Telugu … Read more

    Rolex is trending because of Vikram & Kamal Hassan Gifts a Real Rolex to reel Rolex aka Suriya

    ‘Vikram’,Kamal Hassan’s new flick, is sweeping in record-breaking box office numbers. While the lead actor, Kamal Hassan, is showering the movie makers and cast with luxurious gifts. Universal Hero Kamal Hassan is sitting on top of the globe, where he truly belongs, after Vikram’s blockbuster triumph. Lokesh Kanagaraj, a young and incredibly gifted director, helmed ‘Vikram’. Vikram is the follow-up … Read more

    Vikram Director ‘Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Cinematic Universe’ (LCU)

    Lokesh Kanagaraj, please! Remember, the name has its own chapter in Indian cinema. With his film ‘Khaidi,’ he wowed the Indian audience. The plot of ‘Khaidi’ follows the main character for one night in his life. Lokesh’s approach to writing a screenplay that captures an amazing story in one night with the themes of ‘Guns, Drugs, and Biryani’ is certain … Read more